Lana Crabb

2013 - 2015

This collection of work was researched and made during Lana's MA at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, UK.


During this time Lana developed a strong concept and visual language, whilst expanding her making skills, primarily combining silicone rubber and textile techniques.


Materials include silicone rubber, paint, thread, glitter, Swarovski Pearls, ribbon, gold, silver and semi-precious gemstones and beads.

"My own body’s familiar exterior and imagined interior, has provided me with an uncanny source with which to disgust and delight. My uneasy relationship with my own body has engrossed me, as well as broader feminine issues experienced in society and media, such as body image and functional deniability, sexualisation and adornment.


The jewellery I make combines lush and bejewelled pink surfaces with stitching and ambiguous, fleshy forms. I aim to offer a visual invitation to touch and explore, whilst creating an aesthetic tension, playing with the balance of allure and repel.


My jewellery demands attention and conviction to wear, encourages curiosity and provokes reactions when seen, when worn and touched. I hope to surprise and create a pause for interpretation and reflection  upon the response".