Lana Crabb

BA Collection

This is Lana's first collection of work on graduation of her BA (Honours) Degree in 2012.


Materials include latex, metal and discarded costume jewellery.

"My interest within jewellery making is the concept of ‘preciousness’, in particular investigating the properties, limitations and possibilities of throwaway, everyday materials such as rubber bands and balloons, with the aim to challenge

pre-conceived thoughts of what is appealing,wearable and valuable.


Making small and very wearable pieces, I exemplify a sense of intrigue by removing unorthodox materials from their original state, but never disguising. Each individual piece is

meticulously constructed by hand in metal, powder-coated in my trademark colours and combined with a chosen material.


Subtle detail and carefully chosen colour and sparkle act as a delicate metaphor for looking closely, keeping an open mind and finding something that may take you by surprise".